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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The World Today

I'm really happy to be living when I am living. You know?

So many great artists in these times... ridiculed almost more often than admired (tis human nature), they provide a strange escape from our monotonous middle-class lives and give us a chance to shut up and imagine. We live in a time of extraordinary artists, and no one cares about anything but the money, what she wore, who he hooked up with, and what they said about it. It's all hollywood gossip and no one cares about anything anymore except the freakin' money.

I'm beginning to hate money a little bit.. it drives so many people to decay into stupid shoe-licking idiots who only care about some kind of paycheck. Politics, entertainment, it's all poisoned by the love for money.

"Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless."

That's from the freakin' Bible. I'm not one to usually agree with everything the Bible says, but this is a wise statement. One is never satisfied with what they have. Ever. At least not permanently.

I recently watched the movie "Idiocracy" and found it to be astonishingly true as I was mulling over the idea of never having children.. it reminded me of how the intelligent people are the ones who are limiting reproduction, and the low-class, stupid, drunken, and food-stamp fed people are the ones who jump like bunnies and have millions of babies. Who grow up to be low-class, stupid, drunken, food-stamp-fed individuals who reproduce with one another until it's an entire colony of them. I know how descriminating I am souding right now, but for some reason, it pisses me off that so many people are throwing away the things that make life enjoyable. Family, friends, a pretty sunset, creating pieces of art, reading a good book...

I also recently saw an advertisement for a "catch up on your reading" app thing from hulu. It's audio books. Are we just going to all be illiterate now? Listening is a good substitute for reading? You may get the same benefits from it (like vocabulary and such), but it's still so strange. Call me old fashioned, but reading is something that can never be replaced.. it's so valuable and carries so much weight in our history. Students these days.. the assigned reading of a book or two is enough to kill someone! It's so depressing to me. I'm still in highschool/comm. college, and I hear people complaining about everything from turning in a simple paper to reading a chapter on time.

And this leads me into a mini rant about education. Or not. I'll save it for another time.

I'll probably go back and edit this in the future. XD
Thanks for reading all the way through. I appreciate it.

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