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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chocolate Music

This is kind of a cool video. Russians are so interesting! And people say Lady Gaga is the only wacko out there..

I am pretty positive this artist doesn't even care about Lady Gaga. : D
I must say, though... the reason Lady Gaga is so famous is because of her demeanor. She's poised, but awkward. Refined, yet creepy. She's an eclectic mix of strangeness and beauty resulting in something we can't really wrap our minds around. She's fascinating.

Want to see some of the latest Gaga pictures?

Nicola Formichetti's blog has some great stuff. He's the stylist for the queen of creeps (in a good way).

Craving more awesome Russian music?
Consider the following...

- Formed by two really adorable girls who have been active since the early 2000's but have now broken up as of.. last year?
- Must listen to: All the Things She Said
- Extra: they're not actually lesbians.

- Two beauty-and-makeup obsessed sisters who make amazingly gorgeous and weird music videos.
- Must listen to: Brunette
- Extra: their last name is COSMOS! How cool is that? : D

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