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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Musings 1

So I'm also kind of an obsessive person when it comes to thinking about the universe.. I'll be spouting random musings from time to time. Enjoy my cynical-and-not-really-organized thoughts.


Why must we grow? Why must we care about things? Why must everything we do have a purpose? Life is like calves lining up to go into a slaughterhouse- lining up to get snuffed out, one by one, until our generation is gone. Lining up to reach our bitter ends with a mere instant of a life behind us out of infinity.

It may be years before the rest of the human race realizes this and finally wakes up to see that life maybe isn’t about death or the journey to it.. but some may argue that that is our one and only purpose. Others would say it’s to live for God.. but who is God? Isn’t he just a being we pin our hopes and dreams on to and cling to when we don’t know what to do? The one we don’t blame for bad things? The one people kill in the name of? He is exactly that. And he is not a he, he is nothing. He doesn’t exist in this reality- not in a way we could understand. His only purpose is to be our bulletin board for our fears. A telephone pole for our “Lost Soul: Call If Found” posters. A sign with balloons screaming for the extra baggage to be taken away for good. He’s that one thing that is for pure use, nothing more.

If God weren’t a he, he would be an it. This it would be the it of all its.. the one that sums up the entire human race, the entire population of planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes in our reality and the ones beyond. The collective consciousness of our race.. it reminds me of a time when the 2000’s were the future.. when alien races would investigate the human race and we could get so flustered and embarrassed by our lack of knowledge of the outer world that we would immediately waste our largest ammunitive powers on anything that doesn’t walk, talk, or look like a person.

It is this fear that we so readily run to when faced with the unknown.. call it evolution, call it instinct- I don’t care what label is placed upon the irrational. The unknown shouldn’t be feared but relished… the longer we live, the less is the unknown, but also the more is unknown. As I have said many times (and so has become my mantra), Thinking is the bane to understanding. The more we muse and maroon over romantic ideas of other worlds and the above powers, the less we actually know for certain about this tiny world of ours. And yet, in the infancy of knowledge, now called more developed, has deteriorated. In the ancient times, when people knew what they knew and saw what they saw understood more about the world than we do in present day times. Things were simpler, and therefore easier to question, easier to understand.. with all this jumble of statistics and results we call Science, our world has begun to shift into a time of complications. Nothing but complications and questions to prior beliefs.. its aggravating to think that people think they know everything there is to know. Even if we do have the ways of measuring how old a rock is, how does that prove how long the universe has or has not existed? What do we have as a base of this? What do we have it to compare to? What would it matter anyway? I’m convinced that there is no way to fully understand the complexity and vastness of this universe with our capabilities. We are a limited race mentally, physically, socially, and in mostly every other way a race could be limited, and yet we strive to understand what we cannot. We think of the world as being a conquerable article. Is it?

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